A.R.F v2.0 – Preview (x86) –

New detection methods are constantly being added to the A.R.F Project, which include popular VMs detection, the famous SandBoxie, SpyStudio, and API Monitor, bringing now the total number of Anti-Reversing methods to 31, and counting…

More methods are going to be added before the official release of the A.R.F v2.0, and I am also planning major changes to existing ones which will make the code much stealthier from the reversing point of view.

The release of A.R.F v2.0 might take a little bit longer than expected, but you can bet that your patience will be rewarded.

I decided to release a compiled executable, that includes some of the new methods added, but not the updates to the existing ones.

Download: A.R.F v2.0 – Preview (x86) –