CVE-2018-6851 to CVE-2018-6857 – Sophos SafeGuard – LPE

Kyriakos Economou (@kyREcon) from Nettitude has disclosed a number of security issues within SafeGuard Enterprise to Sophos following our Responsible Disclosure Policy. Sophos is not aware of any attacks leveraging those vulnerabilities or exploits for them being available.

The vulnerabilities are present within all configurations of SafeGuard Enterprise (SGN), SafeGuard Easy (SGE) and SafeGuard LAN Crypt (SGLC) clients running on Windows. Exploitation of those vulnerabilities requires running malicious code on the target machine and can result in privilege escalation. This vulnerability is not remotely exploitable (i.e. over the network).

The CVE numbers reserved for these issues are: CVE-2018-6857, CVE-2018-6855, CVE-2018-6852, CVE-2018-6851, CVE-2018-6856, CVE-2018-6853, CVE-2018-6854.

Affected Products

  • SafeGuard Enterprise 8.00.4 and earlier (Fix: install 8.00.5)
  • SafeGuard Easy and earlier (Fix: install 7.00.3)
  • SafeGuard LAN Crypt and earlier (Fix: install 3.95.2)

Sophos has also provided patches for earlier versions in case there are issues upgrading to one of the aforementioned latest versions.

For further details regarding the affected products and the respective fixed versions please visit:



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