CVE-2014-2597 – Denial Of Service In PCNetSoftware RAC Server

CVE: CVE-2014-2597
Vendor: PCNetSoftware
Product: RAC Server
Affected version: 4.0.4, 4.0.5
Fixed version: N/A
Reported by: Kyriakos Economou

Latest and possibly earlier versions of RAC Server are vulnerable to local DoS attacks that can either disable the keyboard input or to kill the system through a BSoD, by sending specific IOCTL requests to RACDriver.sys kernel mode driver. The attacker can choose between the two.

For example, a BSoD can be triggered because the size of the input buffer received by the driver is not correctly validated against the size of a static buffer, inside the driver module itself, from where the driver transfers some data to the allocated buffer.

The vulnerable function assumes that the size of the input buffer will always be less or equal to the static one.
This leads to memory access violation inside the kernel address space when the input buffer is too big, because the vulnerable function will attempt to read outside the module itself.

This vulnerability causes Denial of Service by disabling the keyboard or triggering a Blue Screen of Death.

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