ASProtect – EPIC FAIL!

Oh yes, not even ASProtect is immune to human stupidity!!!

Here it is a case where those great programmers behind a very expensive software have managed to turn a good packer as ASProtect into a useless piece of code.

These guys have used ASProtect in order to pack the executable of the software and ASPack in order to pack some of the DLL files, but they have left a DLL completely unpacked.

Let’s take a look at some of the import/export functions of that DLL:


The only limitation of the Trial version is the time trial period, so now guess what…

Furthermore, at the time CtrlIsExpired() function is called, the rest of the modules have already been unpacked in memory, which means that you can modify this function to inject code on run-time in any other loaded module including the main executable protected by ASProtect.


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