AthCon 2013 RE Challenge Results

Once again the pre-Athcon contest was completed successfully. It was a decision of the organizers to keep the names of the people that solved the RE challenge private, until the beginning of AthCon 2013.

The following people are those who submitted a valid solution before the deadline in that order. We post their names based on the way they asked to be mentioned.

1. Vladimir U. aka OKOB (Ukraine) – Claimed the Amazon Voucher…and got it :0)

2. @trapflag

3. Dany Zatuchna – Claimed the Athcon 2013 ticket…and got it :0)

4. Στέλιος Τσαμπάς (Stelios Tsampas)

The authors of this challenge would like to thank all the people that dedicated some of their time to this challenge, as well as those that helped to spread the voice by any means. It really means a lot to us.