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Merry Christmas

Another year has almost gone. The end of the world didn’t come, so we still have the chance to destroy it by ourselves…hooooraaayyy!!!
Yeah, I know how that sounds like. It sounds as bad and real as it is. :O)

Well, I think that was enough of reality. Let’s let ourselves be happy again for a few days without thinking, as much as we can, about all the bad things that happen around us.

Merry Christmas everybody!


When losing your time is all you can get…

For the past few days there is a huge increase regarding the number of the attempts trying to hack into this blog through brute-force.

Initially I didn’t even care at all, and to be honest I still don’t, but now I have started feeling a little bit sorry about whoever does it.

Since I want to help the guy with his *obviously* miserable life, I am just posting this in order to let him know that he is just losing his time for several reasons which I am not going to mention of course.

Here it is a list of some of the IPs logged attempting to brute-force the password:

PS1: Brute-force attempts are blocked automatically.

PS2: Get a life!!!

Phishing Attempts #3

Just noticed a new phishing attempt, targeting Euro-Million Lottery this time.

Well, with more than £100 millions for prize, the bad guys couldn’t resist. :O)

Screenshot of the PDF attached:

Phishing Attempts #2

Today I noticed another phishing attempt, targeting Co-operative Bank accounts.

Well, you will have to zoom-in in order to enjoy the view, or just copy the location link of the image into your browser… :O)

The Phishing email:

The Phishing page: