CVE-2014-9332 – G Data Multiple Products Privilege Escalation [GDNdisIc.sys]‏

Vulnerability title: G Data Multiple Products Privilege Escalation [GDNdisIc.sys]‏
CVE: CVE-2014-9332
Vendor: G Data
Product: Multiple
Affected version: N/A
Fixed version: N/A
Reported by: Kyriakos Economou

Latest, and possibly earlier versions of GDNdisIc.sys kernel mode driver for Windows XP and Server 2003, named also as ‘NDIS packet redirector’ suffers from a trusted value vulnerability that can be tricked through an IOCTL request with a specifically crafted input buffer and allow a local attacker to gain SYSTEM privileges from any account type.

Technical Details:
IOCTL 0x830020cc allows us to ‘control’ the execution up to a function that compares some of our input data with a list of pointers. Matching the first pointer will later cause the faulty driver to make a call to wanarp!WanNdisReceiveComplete which in turn will attempt to call an uninitialized imported function pointer to wanarp!g_pfnIpRcvComplete as shown below.

ba17d052 call dword ptr[wanarp!g_pfnIpRcvComplete]
ba17d058 ret 4

The pointer to wanarp!g_pfnIpRcvComplete is not initialized which means that EIP will be redirected at the beginning of the NULL page (0x00000000).
Matching the pointer, as mentioned above, in order to jump on the NULL page can be easily achieved by using IOCTL 0x830020c4 to perform a limited kernel memory leak for the required magic value.

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