Classes & Methods

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Available Classes & Methods

The layout is:

  • Class

i) method

  • DirectDebuggerDetection

i) bool DebuggerPresent()

ii) int RemoteDebuggerPresent()

  • IndirectDebuggerDetection

i) bool DebugString()

ii) int OpenServicesProcess()

  • WindowDebuggerDetection

i) bool SpecificWindowNameDetection(stringwindowname)

ii) bool SpecificWindowClassDetection(string classname)

iii) void SetListSize()

iv) int GetListSize()

v) bool ListWindowClassDetection(string * arraymemlocation , intlistsize)

  • ProcessDebuggerDetection

i) string * SetProcessList()

ii) void SetListSize()

iii) int GetListSize()

iv) int ProcessDetection(string * arraymemlocation , intlistsize)

  • ModuleDebuggerDetection

i) string * SetModulesList()

ii) void SetListSize()

iii) int GetListSize()

iv) int ModuleDetection(string * arraymemlocation, int listsize)

  • ParentProcessDetection

i) int CheckParentProcess()

  • CodeTraceTimeDetection

i) DWORD StartExecutionTime()

ii) DWORD EndExecutionTime()

iii) DWORD GetTimeLimit()

iv) DWORD GetTotalTime()

v) void SetStartTime()

vi) void SetEndTime()

vii) void SetTimeLimit()

viii) void SetTotalTime()

ix) bool IsCodeBeingTaced()

  • HardwareBreakPointDetection

i) int HwdBreakPoint()

  • ApiBreakPointDetection

i) int ApiBreakPoint(char * DLL, char * API)

  • SehDbgDetection

i) bool CloseHandleExcepDetection(HANDLE invalid)

ii) bool SingleStepExcepDetection()

  • AntiAttach

i) int AntiAttachSet()

ii) void AntiAttachSelfDebug()