AthCon 2013 RE Challenge Results

Posted in AthCon News on June 7th, 2013 by kyREcon

Once again the pre-Athcon contest was completed successfully. It was a decision of the organizers to keep the names of the people that solved the RE challenge private, until the beginning of AthCon 2013.

The following people are those who submitted a valid solution before the deadline in that order. We post their names based on the way they asked to be mentioned.

1. Vladimir U. aka OKOB (Ukraine) – Claimed the Amazon Voucher…and got it :0)

2. @trapflag

3. Dany Zatuchna – Claimed the Athcon 2013 ticket…and got it :0)

4. Στέλιος Τσαμπάς (Stelios Tsampas)

The authors of this challenge would like to thank all the people that dedicated some of their time to this challenge, as well as those that helped to spread the voice by any means. It really means a lot to us.



AthCon 2013 RE Challenge!

Posted in AthCon News on March 11th, 2013 by kyREcon

The Reverse Engineering challenge for AthCon 2013 has been released today, 11 March 2013.

The deadline to submit a valid solution is 30d/04m/2013.

You can download the challenge from the official AthCon website.


Contest is now closed.
We will be announcing the names of the people that
submitted valid solutions before the deadline very soon.




Athcon 2013 RE Challenge – Preview

Posted in AthCon News on February 7th, 2013 by kyREcon

We are getting close to the date of the official release of the Reverse Engineering Challenge for Athcon 2013 conference.

The challenge will be Released in March 2013 and this year the winner takes 2 prizes:

i) A free entrance for the 2-day conference

ii) -sponsored by the Authors- (we keep it private for now)

As always, in order to claim the prizes just a solution will not be enough. In order to avoid lazy brute-forcers, we always require from people to send also a fairly detailed report about the key points of the challenge.

We do this for two main reasons. The first one is that this is a ‘Reverse Engineering Challenge’ and should be treated as such, and second because brute-forcing something it doesn’t really mean anything in this context, since you can always modify the required solution to be long enough to avoid such issues.
I am not saying that this can be trivially brute-forced, I just want to help you save clock cycles of your CPUs and GPUs for other stuff.

While we do the final checks and prepare the official release, you can enjoy the ‘welcome’ view of the challenge.


If you want to ask/say something about the upcoming challenge, then please do drop me a line in Twitter @kyREcon.


Announcing Athcon 2013

Posted in AthCon News on December 5th, 2012 by kyREcon

Time flies and we are already half way to Athcon 2013 which will take place in 6-7 June 2013 in Athens. It might look too early to make any kind of announcements regarding this event since we are still 6 months away from it, but on the other hand we didn’t even realize how fast 6 months have already passed since the last one.

As for the last two years, this year will be also made available a pre-conference security contest related to Reverse Engineering, for which the prize will be a free entrance for the 2-day conference.

Having said that, I am pleased to announce that this year I won’t be creating the challenge alone. Last year’s ticket winner Nikolaos Tsapakis, who happens to be also a friend of mine, joined me in this highly demanding process.

Since none of us has enough free time to create something cool by his own, we decided to get together by joining different pieces of code into a, hopefully, great RE challenge.

The pre-conference CTF will probably open in March 2013 according to our schedule, in order for you all to have enough time to download it, burn it, delete it, slap it, and maybe solve it…



Athcon 2012 Review & RE Challenge Presentation

Posted in AthCon News on May 16th, 2012 by kyREcon

AthCon 2012 IT Security Conference ended with great success.

Several respectable speakers honored the conference with their presence, and once again everybody had magnificent time during the 2 days conference.

For those interested in the RE Challenge of this year’s conference, they can download both the executable and the author’s short presentation by clicking here.