About the Author

About me…
I am a security researcher with a great passion for reverse engineering and exploit development.

Proud author of Shellter.

Athcon 2011: “Exploiting Anti-Reversing Techniques, Attacking Armadillo’s Loader under Xenocode Application Virtualization”.

CrestCon 2014: “MalWar Z”

BsidesLisbon 2015: “Shellter – A dynamic Shellcode Injector”

Author of the Reverse Engineering Challenges for AthCon 2011,2012, and co-author of the RE challenge for AthCon 2013.

Main Interests: Vulnerability Research, Exploit Development, and Malware RE


***Disclaimer***:All the information provided, as well as the opinions expressed in this blog have to be treated as ‘personal’, of which any of my current/past/future employers assume no responsibility.

Contact: kyrecon@anti-reversing.com [PGP]

Twitter: @kyREcon