RE Challenge 2011

***This contest is not available anymore, since a solution has been already submitted. However, you can still play with the challenge if you wish.
There will be another reversing challenge before Athcon 2012 through which you can win another free entrance.***

The following challenge was created under pressure and limited amount of time, it has only been tested in win7 32-bit/64-bit machines, so it will probably not work under winXP and/or Vista.

It was part of the 2 days CTF that took place in Athcon 2011.
Since we have not received a valid solution yet, we give it to the public and we look forward for your solutions.
In the end, it is not that hard…

The prize is a ticket for the next Athcon 2012…

***Important***: Before beginning, run the challenge once to ensure that it works fine on your system. A message should appear saying “Not so fast mate…etc”. If you see this message then you are ready to proceed.
***You may need to install the c++ redistributable 2010 package located in this folder.***

***Solution***: Find the password to unlock the Passes.rar file. In case you solve it, in order to claim the ticket you have to write a proper documentation about how you did it and the key points of the protection.
In case you just send the correct password, you will *not* have the right to claim the ticket which will be given at the next person that will send a proper documentation along with a valid password.

***You can play with this challenge at your own risk…***


Send your valid solutions to:

That’s all,

Good luck,